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Power of a Phoenix, Beauty of the Sea

About Us

Hi! Thank you so much for stopping by my site! My name is Jackie. This company is very close to my heart for many reasons. I am sure you may be wondering why I chose the name BLACK PHOENIX MERMAIDS. First, I think it is important to share that this brand is not about EX-clusivity, but IN-clusivity. I am an African-American woman, raising an African-American daughter. I have found that there is a disproportionate lack of displaying the beauty, fun, and mysterious "obsession" of mermaids of Color. I am here to change that! So I am here to introduce beautiful dark-skinned mermaids to the mainstream consumer industry! After all, we as a people have overcome tremendous tribulation and should be celebrated for continuing to rise like Phoenix! Secondly, I would like to make it easy to quickly obtain online or go to any storefront (which is in the works!) and purchase beautiful Mermaid merchandise that is representative of Us and Our culture! This Black Phoenix Mermaid Movement is created with love and is a tribute to people of color who just can't live without a little EXTRA! This is for our little girls of Color who deserve to see themselves as Magical, beautiful, full of strength, and resilience, who are capable of rising above anything! Rising with the strength of our Black ancestors, like a powerful Phoenix, with a little Magic- from the sea! A Black Phoenix Mermaid! Enjoy! -XXX

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